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Monday, October 17, 2011

Not again, Harold ! October 21st? Even earlier?

The Profits of Prophets

Guess what?  The world is coming to an end again. October 21st!

  I have it on good authority from some Clever Diabolic Seed Company that also provides cherry pie seeds that magically turn into tomatillos when planted. After all, who needs cherry pie if the world is about to end?   Besides that, Glory Lennon is about to send me an apple pie.  Let us dream on-- but I digress.... 

Yes, the world is ending again. ( not again, Harold !)
 So confirms  Harold Camping, the 80-Million-dollar fund-raising genius and  practicing predictor of gloom, doom and boom,  who offered the total destruction of the world on May 21st earlier this year.  That apocalyptic  event was  supposed to be the BIG one providing  destruction of  mankind's tenure on Terra Firma  with a rapture and  super-destructive earthquakes.

For any survivors, it was supposed to be pure hell.  Imagine that, hell on earth. Some might say that has already happened with fire, floods, earthquakes, famine and other worldwide disasters increasingly taking their toll, but no.   It just didn't happen.  

Should we ignore Harold's predictions again, and just grow a bonsai tree, pull some weeds, spread some mulch  or plan a new garden for spring?  We must leave those important decisions to the individual readers of Incoming Bytes.  We can choose  to panic or not, we can choose to be productive and creative or not. Hope for the future is implied by growing things.
Regardless, for purposes of discussion, let us not divert attention too much attention from Harold Camping and his latest predictions of doom for a moment.

What did happen on May 21st  was the apex of  a huge transfer of a lot of additional cash from Harold's followers into 'corporate piggy-banks or other hands'.  
It also produced a lot of unnecessary fear and trepidation for people seeking an end, ---any end, to solve their problems in this world.

I believe we should give Harold's October 21st plan some genuine thought this time but  NOT be afraid, whilst we smartly do him a favour and hang onto our wallets and purses. Where is the logic of giving money to anyone else if it will be worthless anyway, when  Harold's prediction come true? Why would anyone "in the know" bother collecting cash?

Let's be true believers and accept the fact that the end of the world will likely occur at some time, --but not at the bidding of any slick fundraising effort.
Harold reportedly says he was "right" last time, there was an earthquake or two, or three, and maybe a whole lot of people were practicing "end of the world stuff by storing food,  buying new cars, and hiding in caves --in fact they were doing   anything other than being raptured,  but no matter,

Harold seems to think God simply " changed his mind" about saving souls.
At Incoming Bytes  we think this  is an exceedingly interesting hypothesis. " God changed his mind."    We should keep that in mind  that would be God according to Harold, --who is a truly profitable prophet -- but it is still an interesting idea.  Does God arbitrarily change his mind at any time, or does he follow THE perfect plan?  Good question.

What is wrong with Harold's hypothesis?  The fact is, it implies that 'he'  or even  " elective WE" know the mind of God -- flaunting the  very foundation of human arrogance-- and a guarantee of failure.
Now what are all the other arrogant prophets ---profiteer deceivers or not -- going to say?  What will they be left with as a bargaining chip? Maybe they are "more right" than Harold. Maybe not.

Well, no matter,  we'll listen, we're flexible.   Harold may get raptured on October 21st  if he believes hard enough, I do know that faith does amazing things.   Maybe ordinary folk will just have to wait patiently and see.

The fact is, an earth-shattering event or apocalypse is likely to happen at some point.  Being logical and  of the faith it seems we are indeed to believe in that prediction, but on October 21st?  What time? 
 That's only a few days away, hardly enough time to get the yard cleaned up before snow flies.  Can't we have more time?

Maybe the Mayan calendar and other predictors are right. Maybe the science of  "prophet  mathematics"  is wrong predicting 2012 as "the end" too, even if Elenin and other catastrophic occurrences are all supposedly lined up like peas in a pod, each in turn about to smack us into eternity.  Let us remain calm and rake up the leaves anyway.  Why?

Just how likely is it that Harold is probably wrong about the date again?  Quite.
NOBODY knows when a great Apocalypse shall be upon us, including deceivers raising funds from fools--simply by implying they possess 'knowledge of the mind of God" and thereby insinuating knowledge of God's plans.

I think the level of  human arrogance implied is frightening.
Meantime,  like I did prior to May 21st --which was an uneventful doomsday failure, I'll keep doing what is necessary to solve problems that look me in the eye every day.  I don't have 80 Million dollars so I'll keep on figuring out how to grow food, make the best of things, and retain some semblance of logic.
Our readers might cleverly observe that not one of the propheteer's (yes, let's use that adapted term, it sounds appropriate, does it not? )  revelations has terminated life on the planet as we know it --yet.
Why?   Like the rest of life, it is  totally logical. Simple. "Only the good die young" comes to mind. That suggests that greedy miserable people live longer.   Maybe God gives them extra time to change their mind and become more informed, kinder, more generous of soul, and more civilized.  Using the same model of "God changing his mind", perhaps God has decided  all of humanity needs time, even Harold.

Let's go with that idea. All of humanity needs time to change our minds,  reinvent what we're doing, and the basic process of  how we think, --and why.

If anything in life is logical,  it is this:   Humanity needs to get a lot smarter, a lot faster, and stop being so arrogant .....and with all due respect, Harold  et al...... that  includes you and I.  --Hmmm...maybe before October 21st, too.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Besides, we don't need God to obliterate our planet, we are doing quite well on our own.

  2. Harold Camping is an old deluded man who will soon meet his Maker one way or another very soon. Will he hear those words--"Well done, thou good and faithful servant"?
    I think he is to be pitied.
    We could be angry at him for deceiving others, but I think I will lay that blame at their own feet. They could have (should have) compared his words with His Words. The truth is there for all to see. They too will be held to account.
    There is a reason God calls people sheep all the time and it aint a compliment.

  3. With all the people he deceived, I'm surprised Harold lived to see another day. I wonder how he will face tomorrow, with more egg on his face.

  4. I'm guessing that people like Harold have very thick skins; they keep on predicting, right or wrong--and keep collecting ever more funding. Remember the old adage " there's a fool born every minute"? There's always a fine supply of both sheep AND fools from the look of it....


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