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Friday, October 21, 2011

Doomsday never Came

I awoke this morning and cautiously lifted only one eyelid.
I did not really want to see the heavy white frost on the ground outside OR the total destruction of the world with both eyes at once, --that would have been a little much, being tired,  still almost pleasantly dreaming and only one thin eyelid away from snoozing.
With the sun shining brilliantly into the east facing window, reflecting in a wall-mirror and shining down upon my sleepy face, the light was bright enough that I could have believed the rapture was upon me, ---but no, it was not.  At least not yet.
Hopefully we'll see yet another glorious sunrise...
 Clearing the cobwebs from the sleepy mind, I came to the fine conclusion that Doomsday never came, --at least not during the first 8 hours into Harold Camping's Official prediction of an Apocalyptic Doomsday Rapture which "is" to occur today, October 21st.

Another failure on his part is likely,  just like on May 21st earlier this year,  when nothing occurred except the realization of an error of assumption, --and in spite of the 'big political scene',  gardens were happily being planted. 

Not to be too critical or picky,  in recognition of a marginal propensity to err frequently myself,  I offer the observation "there's nothing quite like being wrong",  --doing so often turns the  erring, confused and befuddled  into stand-up beings that eventually come to an indisputable understanding that they, too, are fallible. 

Yes, (Harold & Co) still completely and wholly believe the end is coming today. That is because they fully believe in their own interpretation  and understanding of  translations and predictions made in the bible.  We all make mistakes, who hasn't been there?

Here at Incoming Bytes we're just as happy to go along with the sleepy  earth, stones and bones of Terra Firma --for now, one eye open or not, --grass grows, leaves fall off of trees, children are born, folks pass on --and true to form,  down in Arizona  gardens are sprouting according to M.J. Joachim.  (Yes, that MJ, of "Gum Pets on the Hill")

That would be " sprouting in  glorious optimism" --- and let's stretch that a bit further according to my  old-fashioned and perhaps idiosyncratic way of thinking, especially today, sprouting in glorious optimism with the approval  of God's official plan.
We aren't finished quite yet.
There is  hope offered as we see Harold's  predictions of doom come closer to naught by the hour -- undoubtedly destined to fail as previously, and like May  dire predictions from the past.
 I therefore shall continue to believe not the minds and fabrications of men, and  shall not pretend to know the mind of God either.  Let the cantaloupe sprout in Arizona  right on schedule as per THE plan,  and around here, we'll buckle down  and pray the coming winter isn't too severe up in this neck of the woods.
Coffee time.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. I've never quite understood why people like Harold Camping insist upon throwing out predictions that are quickly proven false. Also, when it comes to the notion of Doomsday, there's nothing anyone can do about it anyway, so what's the point? Does he expect a mass conversation to his brand of Christianity? Does he think that God is really that stupid? Sorry, Ray, just some rambling thoughts of my own on a glorious October day in the desert.

  2. There should be a law against people like Harold. How can it be allowed to scare people half to death and take their money. Doesn't that equal deception and fraud?

  3. There are laws against deception and fraud, but doesn't the doom-prediction business fall into the category of religious beliefs and therefore, 'freedom of religion' ?
    What I question is the obvious: if the end of the world is coming, why do people wish to profit by it? Perhaps Harold does expect to be "first on home plate" when the game is called-with a fistful of cash to boot. I doubt if "mass conversion" has anything to do with it. Anyone that believes they alone know the mind of God needs a reality check. That's my take on it.

  4. No one person alone can know the mind of God any more than a single cell knows the purpose of the greater organism of which it is a building block. Many humans are gods in their own minds - but then there is death and with it the ultimate truth of fallibility. I'm thinking Ozymandias and also the recent death of Gadhafi.

    Another thoughtful post!

    Rachel :-)

  5. no, there must not be any laws which forbid expression, no matter how silly or inane. if so, many of us would be outlaws...there are enough legal hoops and enforcers around to confuse morality itself...

    to the obvious leaders who abuse their powers, a premature doomsday may come, there are plenty of those in line for the next date...should this all be a signal to clean up our act here on earth?

    it is refreshing to awaken from a nap to find the familiar world still around...and whatever possessions still intact, little comforts to gather before our winter..stay warm.


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